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Monday, January 09, 2006

Welcome, Sissies! This is the official blog of the Sissy School. As those of you who've visted the School well know, the Sissy School is a wonderful place where sissies and Mistresses and come together and get girlie.

Most of your reading this blog have probably already visted the Sissy School, so if that's the case for you, you can skip over this introductory post. This post will be directed at thos sissies and Mistresses who are new to the School, to tell them a little bit about what we do, who we are, and what fun we have.

Primarily, Sissy School is a "training academy" for sissies. The Mistresses of Sissy School offer telephone training, email training, and advice through the Sissy School message forum.

The Message Forum (which we call our "Girlie Boards") is probably the most popular feature on our site. Here you will find links to sissy mp3 audio recording, feminization fiction written by both sissies and Mistresses, as well as busy chat forums where sissies can exchange ideas, thoughts, gossip, or anything else they care to share with the sissy community.

From time to time we have little contests and incentives going on at Sissy School to aid in the training of our sissies. For instance, right now we have the Sissy School Blogging assignment going on - each participating sissy has started her own blog, and will be required to post in it each day. At the end of the assignment period, the Mistresses will all vote for their favorite blog, and the sissy with the best blog will win a free training session with the Mistress of her choice.

So that's the basics on what you need to know about Sissy School. Now, why don't you come on over and check it out for yourself! Sissy School - Training for Sissies and Sissy Maids